About the hotel - Grand Hotel Mimino

People who have to travel a lot and live in different hotels sooner or later get tired of the monotonous interior of standard hotel rooms. It seems that they are stamped and look like each other , which is why the charm and comfort are erased. We know for sure that it is much more pleasant to stay in comfortable rooms of art boutique hotel. Our hotel is the embodiment of creativity, convenience, exclusivity and its own style.

Art boutique Grand Hotel “Mimino” opened in August 2018, and the first boutique hotel was opened in the first decade of the 80s in London. The owner of the cult place was a designer who decided to transform the dilapidated building and make it a hotel for art lovers. The institution has gained such popularity that its analogues began to open around the world.

Individual style, exclusivity and excellent service are the key advantages of our hotel. The leitmotif for the creation of its design concept was the beloved cult film “Mimino”, its unique characters and the atmosphere of love, friendship and humanity. Guests of our hotel are offered to live in well-furnished rooms, decorated in accordance with the style of the movie and at the same time feel the friendliness of the staff, increased attention and willingness to always come to the rescue, in almost all matters related to accommodation and rest in Georgia. We do everything possible to immerse our guests in the atmosphere of real Tbilisi hospitality.

Grand hotel “Mimino” accepts no more than 35 guests at the same time, which also emphasizes the status of the institution. Advantageous location in the heart of Tbilisi, in the old district of Avlabar makes your stay in it spectacular, attractive and unusual.

Special attention is given to the quality of service in the hotel. Each guest is treated individually. The staff does everything to make true even the most unusual wishes of our guests.

For our guests are available a variety of additional services, such as: transfer from / to the airport; tours and excursions in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia; car rental; Pets on request, etc.

One of the main differences of the Grand hotel “Mimino” is strict adherence to the privacy policy. Guests can rest assured that all information inadvertently heard by the staff will be “taken to the grave”. Because of this approach, our hotel is already popular with celebrities and businesspersons who want to briefly hide from the cameras of journalists.

Grand hotel “Mimino” will be an ideal option for those who want to relax in a secluded and relaxing atmosphere.

We welcome you at any time